People are more than just ‘resources’…and when they are treated as such, they give their all…

Most effective leaders recognise that an organisation is fundamentally a collection of dedicated individuals working together to achieve a purpose, and it makes perfect sense that caring for the wellbeing of those individuals is central to the health and success of that organisation.

The pressure of work, together with the effects of protracted postural stresses contribute to fatigued and tense employees. Proactively managing stress levels in the office setting results in efficient, smarter working and be better engaged employees.

At Heart & Soul, we work closely with organisations to deliver the wellbeing service that directly meets your needs.

Our ability to offer a variable blend of emotional (coaching & supervision), physical (massage and pampering) and spiritual (yoga & mindfulness meditation) wellbeing is unique and can be tailored and varied according to your evolving requirements.

This is a great stress reducing and productivity improving investment into the wellbeing of staff which has a direct impact on employee absence and attrition.  Providing access to regular talking and/or office-based massage and therapeutic treatments achieves measurable benefits for employees and the organisation alike.


There are significant benefits to being able to talk confidentially with someone who is independent and qualified to listen and has experience and understanding of the need to function effectively in the workplace whilst managing the personal and professional demands.

When this is actively facilitated in a relaxed and convenient way, employees feel valued and embraced by the organisation and become more engaged and productive. Though we are qualified and registered therapists, this is not about offering therapy. Its simply about emotionally holding and checking in with people – either individually or in groups/teams – where the professional rules of confidentiality apply without the intensity or commitment of therapy.



Onsite chair massage 

For the alleviation of neck, shoulder and back tension, headaches and eye strain. Improves concentration and alleviates mental fatigue. Revitalises and boosts energy levels. Stimulates endorphins and oxytocin – your natural ‘feel good’ and calming hormones. Reduces stress levels and improves efficiency.

Working through clothes and without oil, our office massage team target the areas of the body most susceptible to tension using a skilful blend of head, shoulder and back massage techniques to help alleviate tension and leave you feeling calm, focused and refreshed.

Treatments are tailored to the individual and are offered in sessions of 15 minutes or 30 minutes per person.


Onsite yoga 

Ashtanga is a dynamic form of yoga, which works towards increased strength, stamina, flexibility and deeper breath. Blending Pilates and relaxation techniques, this class has been specifically programmed to address the needs of office workers in order to help improve health and strengthen the body from the core.

You will practise a flowing sequence of poses and movements which are designed to aid fuller breath, better posture and improved mental focus. Fun partner balances and some meditation mean that the class is full of contrasting elements and is suitable for any level from absolute beginners to intermediate.

Office Yoga classes are inspired towards better mental health, boosting energy and feeling great!

Classes are 1 hour.